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Q: How long do the camps run for a day?

A: Currently, our camps run for 3 hours each day, from 9.30am - 12.30pm.


Q: How often do camps happen?

A: Our camps are organised mostly during local and international school holidays.

You could find our upcoming camp information here


Q: Where do camps happen?

A: Our camps are organised mostly at outdoor locations in open parks and

also in the sports complex and swimming pools near our camps. You may find the locations that we are currently operating in the link here

General Questions


Q: My child would like to join another age group. Is it possible?

A: Yes, you may request to do so if your kids have preferences for it. Throughout the days at the camp, our coaches will continue to assess the progression for your child and if he or she is not able to keep up, we will inform you and re-adjust to a suitable level for them.

Q: Will we be able to do just a few days of camp in a week?

A: Yes! When booking your camp dates, you will pay only for the days your have chosen. Please do reach out the us direct for us to assist you in making the arrangements.

Q: My child is turning 3 year old but not yet 3, could we still register him for the camp?

A: It depends, we may still be able to accommodate for the registration if you child have experience playing with older kids and are potty trained.

Q: My child is turning 6 year old, would he qualify for the full day camp?

A: It depends, the parents have the choice to register for the older age group for the full day camp, however, our coaches will continue to assess and if the child is not able to handle the intensity, we will feedback to the parents and make the necessary arrangements for them

Q: Does Kids Play Sports program accept child with special needs?

A: Yes! We have had some special needs kids that join us and have gotten along quite well just as any other kids.



Q: When it rains before the start of the camp, will the session be cancelled?

A: If it rains before the start of the camp, the program will still continue as Kids Play Sports have other activities prepared the keep the child engaged until the rain have subsided and we can proceed with the original schedule.

Q: What happens when it rains?

A: In the event of wet weather, we will take shelter until the rain have subside and proceed according to schedule.

Q: What do the children do when it rains?

A: Kids Play Sports have many engaging activities and alternate sports on standby to keep the kids active in the event of wet weather.

Q: What happens if the children are not able to continue with the schedule as planned?

A: Kids Play Sports have a dedicated duration period of 1 hr. If we are not able to conduct the planned sport / activity for at least 1 hour, we will keep it as a make - up session for you.

Wet Weather


Q: Will sunscreen and insect repellent be provided?

A: Yes! We will ensure that sunscreen and repellent are applied first thing

in the morning before we start any activities. If your kid has a skin condition or you have a preference, we do encourage you to provide the specific sunscreen or repellent and our coaches will assist them with the application.

Q: My child has allergies, what precautions are taken during the camps?

A: If you child has any allergies, please do highlight it to the team upon registration and the team will take the necessary precautions. During the camps, please ensure to prepare allergies medication if any and inform our Head Coach on site.

Camp Matters


Q: What should i pack as snacks for my kid?

A: We would recommend packing dry snacks for your kids, such as sandwiches or biscuits. Though we do allow them to have chips, we do however would prefer a healthy option..

Q: Will snacks be provided at the camp?

A: No, we not be providing snacks for the kids as many prefer to have their own to share with their friends

Q: Is there a lunch break for half day camps?

A: No, there is no lunch break catered for the half days camps.

Q: Is there a lunch break for full day camp?

A: Yes, there will be a lunch break catered for the full day camp. Our coaches will watch over the kids and join them for lunch as well!

Q: Will  lunch be provided at the camp?

A: No, lunch will not be provided as from experience, parents have a preferred diet for their kids thus many have chose to pack their own lunch.

Snacks & Lunch


Q: Is there any transportation services for the camp?

A: Yes, we do have our own transportation team. For more details, you may visit the link here

Q: How are the transportation of the camp be arranged?

A: Kids Play Sports has its own transportation team. Upon registering with transportation, the team will take down the address. Within the week before the start of the camp, the team will plan the best possible route and send the route to you via email

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