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COVID-19 Postponement and Make-up Days

 In light of the recent turn of events, we would like to address all parents who have signed up with us for the upcoming Singafit camps! It is always unfortunate that programmes have to be cancelled due to the dynamic and ever-changing rules in the fight against Covid! With the changes, Singafit has reviewed its policies and update against the challenges that we face!

Moving forward as of 25th September 2021, we have renewed our policies and it is always in the best interest for all parties!

 Please do take note of the upcoming development: 


Moving forward, if the camps are not able to proceed due to government regulations*,

please take note of the following: 

All registrations of the camps that are due to be cancelled, the registrations will be kept as a make up day that can be used of any of our future upcoming camps.

Singafit is unable to give refunds will be given at this point of time.


In the event that the camp have started and due to circumstances

that we have to discontinue halfway, all remaining days as a make-up in our future camps.

Government regulations* that restrict us from proceeding with the camps or Singafit not able to conduct camps with minimum 5 pax per group.

We wish all families the best and all we have is extreme gratitude

for your support! The team will continuously strive to improve

all our services and actions to ensure that we are able to provide a big

and exciting experience for the next possible camps! 

For more assistance, contact us!

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