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Kids Play Sports Camp
Refunds & Make-Up Sessions

1. Refunds Only Before the Start of the Camp


Our team is quick to organize Camp logistics based on the registrations we receive. We may turn down some interested parties as we accommodate your registration. Therefore, we seek that you only register your child/children's slot(s) when you are sure about their participation and accept all terms and conditions.


We understand that you may need to cancel your registration for various reasons. Should you wish to do so, please email before the commencement of the Camp of your choice, based on the Google Form you've accomplished. We will process the refund of your full payment LESS 3.5% for the transaction fee, which is non-refundable to Singafit by the payment gateway platform. We seek your understanding of this deduction. 


No refund will be issued once the Camp you've registered for has commenced. In place of a refund, your kid(s) can attend free make-up sessions at upcoming Camps.


2. Make-Up Sessions for Missed Sessions

Once registered at a Camp, your child/children will be entitled to free make-up sessions equal to the number of sessions they've missed during that Camp. Note that a session is equal to a half-day session. We will email you about your kid(s)' total number of make-up sessions at the end of the Camp week. By filling up a form linked to the email, you'll be able to choose the new Camp week where your kid(s) can attend their make-up sessions. You can also purchase additional sessions during that same Camp week, so your kid(s) can enjoy the whole program experience.


There will be no free transportation for make-up sessions. However, you can book a two-way transport for only $20 per child per day when you claim the make-up sessions through the same link in the email you'll receive. 


3. Make-Up Sessions for Cancelled Sessions Due to Inclement Weather


We have a backup indoor/sheltered venue for each Camp session in case of rain, therefore, sessions will continue in such a situation. However, if, for whatever reason, we are unable to complete at least one hour of the session after moving to our backup venue, we will offer the participants a make-up session for that uncompleted session through succeeding Camps.

We wish all families the best and all we have is extreme gratitude

for your support! The team will continuously strive to improve

all our services and actions to ensure that we are able to provide a big

and exciting experience for the next possible camps! 

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